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counter strike source has been loading for two hours

02:06 AM May 14, 2022 from web

@DylanCoronaTV no, just privated. didnt want people rehosting my stuff 11:43 PM March 23, 2022 from web
@DylanCoronaTV i bought the domain for $16.58, but you can get a domain for free via 03:55 PM March 20, 2022 from web
@jrs I've tried to make a bot for Escargot, couldn't get it work. Phoniex has a bad history of database leaks and the owner is a bit... odd. 11:37 PM March 19, 2022 from web
If I were to set up SMS (i.e. you can post by sending a text via phone), would any of you actually use it? 10:42 PM March 19, 2022 from web
@dswitchfofo you go to their profile and click "add (user)" 07:37 PM March 18, 2022 from web
@jrs of course, i have a lot of plans for the site. i'm just a bit burnt out right now. 03:47 PM March 13, 2022 from web
@beriimimi draw on printer paper and scan them 02:37 AM March 13, 2022 from web
@Igotzz i'm more of a vegas pro kinda guy, but if the edit is super basic i'll just use ffmpeg. 03:34 PM March 12, 2022 from web
Updating via w3m, a terminal web browser. this sucks 02:22 AM March 07, 2022 from web
ChromeOS is the best linux distro 12:44 PM March 03, 2022 from web
I am on my Acer Aspire 5 (2021) It is pretty cool I have an up-to-date operating system 12:21 AM March 03, 2022 from web
broke the external hard drive that had practically everything i've made since 2017 on it. bad day. 03:41 AM March 02, 2022 from web
Season's greetings. 11:59 PM February 27, 2022 from web
@haloguitarhero07 GameGoo > Pumkin 02:49 AM December 17, 2021 from web
@Emolga826 Sorry. I'm not much of a Geometry Dash fan. 08:18 PM December 16, 2021 from web
actually got a DMCA from twitter. im gonna challenge them to a round of hl2 deathmatch and the loser has to shut down their site. 02:50 AM November 15, 2021 from web
@vistaaaaa yoooo vistafan keep the goods coming 05:08 PM November 12, 2021 from web
why do so many people on this site hoard apple products? 07:57 PM November 11, 2021 from web
just ate a sandwich. 05:59 PM November 11, 2021 from web


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