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datboi04 datboi04 she failed 8th grade because of me and was stuck in summer school so revenge well served 04:07 PM Sep 17th from web
datboi04 datboi04 i then went thru the class work till i found her last project for the year and tore it up then just tossed it in the trash. 04:07 PM Sep 17th from web
datboi04 datboi04 in middle school, i had this bully that was just mean for no good reason so one day i got fed up and found one of her classes open and empty 04:05 PM Sep 17th from web
Tails Tails @vixen80 whats Yoretude? is it like an better version of all the old youtube clones? 12:37 PM Sep 12th from web in reply to Vixen80
jr jr Nevermind, one of the dogs shat in the house and the smell spread through the whole house. It got cleaned, so I need to wait the smell out. 04:01 PM Sep 11th from web
sandypantsu sandypantsu just got back and holy shit blips is looking good 03:48 AM Sep 11th from web
jackd jackd Hello. My name is Jack Dee. 09:42 PM Sep 10th from web
dotcomboom dotcomboom prrbbtt 09:20 PM Sep 10th from txt
jr jr message Only 10 seconds now. Awesome! 08:19 PM Sep 10th from txt
Vixen80 Vixen80 My eyes can barely stay open... 09:07 AM Sep 8th from web
notkantraa notkantraa this is way better than Bwitter omg!!!!! 03:45 PM Aug 30th from web
tai7k tai7k New here. Good morning 11:40 AM Aug 19th from web
snappy_ranger snappy_ranger Blips? More like... uhhh..... frick. 08:55 PM Aug 2nd from web
Marcus Marcus am I demented or do I stay up too late? 07:43 AM Aug 1st from web
Vobal Vobal Formal Aplogy To Jacob For Leaking Blips 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 07:43 PM Jul 31st from web
youtube youtube hi, are you ready for posting all viral videos?, ooh yeah 04:00 PM Jul 31st from web
BlipsFootball BlipsFootball We'll offer you the best football match ever! At the morning of US, the match will begin with David vs Jason! Who will win? Time to find out 12:12 PM Jul 31st from web
time time Hey! Why did a day skip? 07:06 PM Jul 29th from web
time time #summersucks 12:47 PM Jul 26th from web
hellscapemantis hellscapemantis algebra inkling deaths go bye bye no update recently...........fridge? missing bowl suit dog face tear 03:50 AM Jul 25th from web