yoretude yoretude

database created. todo now: remake signup, login, add video uploader

11:28 AM May 07, 2022 from web

@DCTV nah it’ll release on June 15, 2022 09:41 AM April 24, 2022 from web in reply to bruhmachine
im getting a bit lazy. login, signup coming soon. 07:20 PM April 20, 2022 from web
we have to implement the footer. featured videos will be added but only as a placeholder 07:11 PM April 12, 2022 from web
were getting somewhere 07:09 PM April 12, 2022 from web
Thx @fps_ownage on Discord for the player script 12:20 PM April 03, 2022 from web
Hi y’all! This is an account for the upcoming 2005 clone YoreTude, previously known as OurStation! See you guys later! 11:52 AM April 03, 2022 from web

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