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palacz_palacz_ wondering why am i like this and why cant i just shut up my thoughts and dont worry 10:22 PM May 16, 2022 from web
pixdoetpixdoet found the underage nostalgiatard kid… 02:41 PM March 06, 2022 from web
KangRooKangRoo Don't you know about the bird? 02:32 AM March 01, 2022 from web
Devilmonkey667Devilmonkey667 Cassady stop trying to lick aqua on old mac os x 11:14 PM November 09, 2021 from web
MarcusMarcus Wonder when Ireland will get snow, I’m waiting for it! 05:33 PM November 07, 2021 from web
jrjr @kyasadi927 yeah, this is the only FAITHFUL recreation, and also, its based on 2007 instead of 2009 that all the other clones do 09:48 AM November 07, 2021 from web