Updating Your Status

Status updates are at the heart of Blips. Simply type what you're doing, and press update. Your status update will appear on the timelines of the people who follow you, as well as on the public timeline. Remember, your status must be shorter than 256 characters.

If you would like to reply to another user's update, simply start your update with an @ symbol, followed immediately by their username. For example, "@blips keep the goods coming!"

Following Other People's Updates

Following people is as easy as going to their profile, and clicking the add + username option on the sidebar. Now, that user's updates will appear on your homepage. To unfollow that user, click the remove + username option. If two people are following each other, they can send each other direct messages.

How You Present Yourself

If you want your profile to look nice, as most people do, head over to the settings tab. From there, you can fill out information, add a profile picture, and change how your Blips homepage and profile will look.

On The Go

A mobile web version of Blips is available at It's very watered-down, however.

Embedding Your Updates

If you would like to put your status updates onto your website, head on over to the badges tab and simply copy and paste the code into your website. You can also change the color of the badge if that's something you're into.

Not enough?

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.