Blips Lingo

Send these commands to +1 (681) 252-9306 and interact with Blips on your mobile phone!

Getting Updates

  • follow username enables updates from this person
  • leave username disables updates from this person
  • get username get this person's latest update
  • get all gets the latest updates from everyone you follow
  • fav username adds this person's latest update to your favorites
  • Socializing

  • d username message sends direct messages to this person
  • nudge username encourages this person to update
  • Had enough?

  • off disables all blips updates
  • on enables blips updates
  • Finding Out Stuff

  • whois username gets profile information on this person

  • stats a few statistics about your Blips acccount

  • More commands like invite, help, and followers will be added when I have time.

    To update your own Blips timeline, just text whatever is on your mind to the Blips number +1 (681) 252-9306.