Writing isn't my strong suite, so please forgive my brevity.

This site serves as a faithful recreation of Twitter as it appeared in early 2009, originally 2007. I saw some other alt sites that ran with a similar premise, and they weren't all that good, so I made this! I mainly used Wayback Machine snapshots, old YouTube tutorials, and screenshots uploaded to Flickr as references.

I kinda stole this idea from a former mutual who ran a similar site in 2019 called Screech. After Screech's database got corrupted, the guy who ran it released the source code. I poked at it a few times, and that's what got me into PHP programming. Good stuff.

For the record, this site is not affiliated with Twitter Inc. in any way, shape, or form. I'm just a guy messing around with code.

If you have any futher questions, feel free to ask!