Alexis White cat bomber

*I MEAN the characters from Obscure Video Games that I loved* 10:49 PM Sep 2nd, 2022 from web
I'm starting to think about doing Art MORE than Gaming on both Classic Bomberman (Canon) & Obscure Characters I get interested now... 10:47 PM Sep 2nd, 2022 from web
(As much as I REALLY LOVED the "Profile Design" feature... I DON'T want to get banned from Upload Society/Upload Stars/ChillSpot1... ;~;) 07:06 PM May 10th, 2022 from web
(I'm STILL FIGHTING AGAINST that Botish Thot Shandi... But I'm SO WORRIED about my Upload Society/Upload Stars/ChillSpot1 channel... ;~;) 07:10 AM May 10th, 2022 from web
(I might have depression & struggle with interacting with users... Even if they're taste have smth that I like on them...) 07:04 AM May 10th, 2022 from web
Protif that my name is Alexis: I'm a Classic!White Bomber Fangirl Tween ([¬¬]) 06:43 PM Apr 19th, 2022 from web