Distant Distant

Cleaned out a Nintendo Wii. I cut myself on a heatsink trying to remove the disc drive... Otherwise I'd consider the ordeal a success.

10:46 PM June 28, 2022 from web

It seems today. That all you see. is VIOLENCE 02:03 PM June 26, 2022 from web
I have headache Time to drink 4 L Mountain Dew 10:15 PM June 25, 2022 from web… Found this recently, it's pretty cool! 01:27 AM June 25, 2022 from web
@Marcus I like playing DS games with Wiimmfi :D 11:21 PM June 24, 2022 from web in reply to Marcus
Doesn't matter if you're far left or far right, in either case you're far stupid. 03:26 PM June 24, 2022 from web
For some reason I forgot how to sleep. Anyway anyone use wiimmfi? 05:46 AM June 24, 2022 from web
Mibano 08:43 AM June 22, 2022 from web

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