i am extremely stupid 05:28 PM Mar 20th from mobile
cold 08:09 PM Dec 23rd, 2023 from web
relax 10:10 PM Dec 16th, 2023 from mobile
finals week is almost over. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel 12:19 PM Dec 15th, 2023 from web
procrastination is the root of all my suffering 07:37 AM Dec 13th, 2023 from web
i woke up at 1pm... i slept too long... but it sure was a good sleep. 10:05 PM Dec 10th, 2023 from web
everyone!! stay warm~! 07:17 AM Dec 10th, 2023 from mobile
yaaaaay!! 11:00 PM Dec 9th, 2023 from web

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