Moonie (Moved to Owler)

Hii, if you follow me here, im just letting you know i've moved over to Owler! You can find me here:… 06:28 AM Feb 24th from web
New song! -- moonieloonie - are you lost?… 12:53 AM Feb 2nd from web
@furgotten12 It's really annoying yeah, can't even click on another page without a full page pop up add it sucks. I didnt mind the ad on the sidebar, that was unintrusive, but the ads now are. Makes using the site a pain and not fun. 09:03 PM Jan 9th from web in reply to furgotten12
@BlueTails Yeah and it was a really cozy place too 02:15 PM Jan 3rd from web in reply to BlueTails
Imagine dragons has been my fave band since like 2011 i love them to the moon and back <3 09:38 PM Jan 1st from web
The amount of immense nostalgia i get from listening to the river by imagine dragons is unreal. I love that song, it takes me back to 2014 drawing on MS paint ;3 09:36 PM Jan 1st from web
I love Owl City 09:33 PM Jan 1st from web
Can y'all believe 2023 was 10 minutes ago? 01:10 AM Jan 1st from web
Happy new year!! 01:03 AM Jan 1st from web
Goooood morning everyone, i have a hangover~ 11:48 AM Dec 26th, 2023 from web
Merry Christmas everyone <3 Hope you all have a wonderful time ^^ 09:09 AM Dec 25th, 2023 from web
ART- Transformers Toons - A frosty situation❄️-… 05:37 PM Dec 24th, 2023 from web
grrr spacehey is down :( 08:06 AM Dec 19th, 2023 from web
Good morning :3 07:16 AM Dec 19th, 2023 from web
If you miss like 2005 YouTube specifically, this site's a bit of a trip. You might recognise someone in the featured videos ;3 09:31 PM Dec 18th, 2023 from web
I wish you could follow people on snippr. The site is really super unfinished, most of the links don't work, and theres no way to contact anyone to ask about it 08:37 AM Dec 17th, 2023 from web
Correction: 4th in the UK, not 5. 08:34 AM Dec 17th, 2023 from web
I just found out I'm the number 5th most subscribed channel in the UK on BitView! :o And Number 2 most subscribed musician in the UK (Number 3 Worldwide), cool new regional stats! :D 08:32 AM Dec 17th, 2023 from web
Updated my blips design, sometimes i like things boring ;3 04:07 PM Dec 13th, 2023 from web

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