estoy comiéndome una sopa ahora mismo... está bien buena... desearía poder compartirla con todos los usuarios del World Wide Web 03:29 PM Jul 5th from web
whenever i'm driving and someone cuts me off or swerves i try to remind myself it's not them i hate. it's cars and the automobile industry in general 04:47 AM Jun 5th from web
i need to be in the club 09:32 PM May 28th from web
HOLA A TODOS es DJ Priafey aquí para presentarles algunas de mis canciones favoritas del momento. "Anoche Escupí Azul" – Antiguo Régimen • "NO ES CASUALIDAD" – Pobres Diablos • "Techo de Astros y Truenos: Fenómenos" – Margarita Siempre Viva 05:01 AM May 14th from web
EYOOO it's DJ Priafey coming at you with a couple song recs. "More" – Miazma // "Follow" – Rosegarden Funeral Party // "The Suffering of Spiders" – Traitrs 04:51 AM May 14th from web
un Pirouline sabor a fresa capturó mi alma y se la llevó presa 02:41 PM Apr 28th from web
preliminary findings indicate 'yes, you can' 01:43 AM Apr 22nd from web
fucknuts 01:42 AM Apr 22nd from web
can you do swears on here. like is that allowed. 01:41 AM Apr 22nd from web
alguien se acuerda cuál era la asignación 08:02 PM Apr 12th from web
i hear the roar of the blip machine 03:55 AM Apr 12th from web
bro WHAT blips deleted my last tweet because i alluded to k1lling myself?? just delete my account now, save yourselves the time 11:18 PM Apr 5th from web
EXCITED because i'm going to a goth club for the first time this May... 02:29 AM Mar 20th from web
hoy no me privaré de vida, hoy no me privaré de vida, hoy no me privaré de vida, hoy no me– 12:48 AM Mar 11th from web
trying to figure out how to make a good goth bassline in my music editor. grrr 04:06 PM Mar 1st from web
they ask me to make brownies. i make them. they ruin the brownies by opening the oven while they're still baking –_– 03:17 AM Feb 24th from web
having a lot of fun toying around with LMMS right now (open-source music editor). i'm LOVING it so far. idk jack shit about music but i feel like i made something half decent hehe 04:43 AM Feb 22nd from web

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