Today is my 18th birthday, i'm now an adult. 12:27 AM Nov 9th, 2023 from web
Also i forgot to tell you, it's been 2 years since i joined Blips (November 7th 2021 - November 7th 2023) 12:57 AM Nov 8th, 2023 from web
Tomorrow is.......... my 18th birthday........... 12:11 AM Nov 8th, 2023 from web
1 day left 12:17 AM Nov 7th, 2023 from web
2 days left 12:24 AM Nov 6th, 2023 from web
3 days left 12:06 AM Nov 5th, 2023 from web
4 days left 12:30 AM Nov 4th, 2023 from web
5 days left 02:44 AM Nov 3rd, 2023 from web
6 days left 02:31 PM Nov 2nd, 2023 from web
Hello November! (7 days left) 12:46 AM Nov 1st, 2023 from web
happy halloween (8 days until my 18th birthday) 12:14 PM Oct 31st, 2023 from web
@Cazzy happy birthday! (btw i'm back on blips after 1 year) 01:03 AM Jul 2nd, 2023 from web in reply to Cazzy
what's up? 10:36 PM Mar 19th, 2022 from web
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 03:02 PM Mar 17th, 2022 from web
@RealOskarLogo2, Because People said that March 10th is Mar10 Day. 11:31 PM Mar 10th, 2022 from web
Happy Mar10 Day! 07:34 PM Mar 10th, 2022 from web
haven't used blips for months 11:49 PM Mar 5th, 2022 from web
Blips is back 11:48 PM Mar 5th, 2022 from web
Happy New Year 2022 Guys! 01:07 AM Jan 1st, 2022 from web

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