Sebastian Smith

should i change my logos font? vote here: 01:41 AM Jun 4th from web
dude i have such terrible artblock bro 02:33 AM May 24th from web
taking a hiatus from animation 05:06 AM Apr 1st from web
chat....the weird side of bitview exists 10:03 PM Mar 24th from web… found this band on BitView! 08:15 PM Mar 24th from web
lets make it to 69 followers 07:53 PM Mar 14th from web
i think i might migrate from blips to owler 07:20 PM Mar 14th from web
when are we getting blips 2010 12:22 AM Feb 8th from web
Listening to my queen vinyl rn 01:10 AM Jan 10th from web
Hello. I really have no idea when I'll be able to work on animations, but I promise I'll try to pump something out. Goodbye for now. 03:59 AM Dec 13th, 2023 from web
@Skype. I use it on a computer still using windows 98 01:29 AM Dec 2nd, 2023 from web in reply to skype
bringing back my band 🤟 03:35 AM Nov 28th, 2023 from web
Im taking a break from animating and coding my site. I've been busy with school and those 2 things have given me stress. So I'm putting them on hold. Ciao 07:05 PM Nov 19th, 2023 from web
@juliuscole I saw this on bytview -- idk what i said but im sorry. 04:07 AM Nov 15th, 2023 from web in reply to juliuscole

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