Don't worry everyone, the tweet from April 1st was obviously a joke! Skype is free.. FOREVER! 04:06 AM Apr 3rd from web
Skype is reportedly going paid as seen in a Skype group for Insiders. You'll need to pay to use Skype. They support a payment via a credit/debit card or via PayPal. It's a shame, but Skype needs more funding the CEO of Skype says. 12:23 AM Apr 2nd from web
We'll have more video uploads on our BitView Channel soon, stay tuned! 09:08 AM Mar 22nd from web
Hey Blips, how's the Skyping going? 02:05 AM Feb 24th from web
Hey there, Skypers! 01:17 AM Feb 15th from web
What do you think of a Skype Group for all Skype lovers? Let us know in the Direct Messages! 08:29 PM Jan 10th from web
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, from Skype! 01:43 AM Jan 1st from web
How was your Christmas? 08:12 PM Dec 28th, 2023 from web
Wishing you a great birthday today, @gameboy! 02:55 AM Dec 23rd, 2023 from web
By the way, if you mention us in a post, you'll notice yourself in our Favourites tab! 02:33 AM Dec 22nd, 2023 from web
Blips, it's almost Christmas! Will you be on Skype on Christmas? 02:32 AM Dec 22nd, 2023 from web
We're not sure when we'll be verified, but we hope one day we will become verified. 07:53 PM Dec 15th, 2023 from web
@Marcus We're glad to hear that you can use Skype on your PSP no matter what! Not only that... remember to call your grandma!! 12:45 PM Dec 10th, 2023 from web in reply to Marcus
Wishing you a great Birthday today, @WindowsChris! 01:12 AM Dec 10th, 2023 from web
How's your weekend going? 11:06 PM Dec 9th, 2023 from web
It's awesome to see that Skype is keeping you communicated around the world! Please feel free to share your memories you have with Skype by mentioning us, or you can make a video and upload it to YouTube/or BitView! 01:26 AM Dec 8th, 2023 from web
Still not got our verification checkmark - we'll look into this and see what's going on! 01:22 AM Dec 8th, 2023 from web
Still waiting to see if we approve for verification - we hope so! 10:30 PM Dec 5th, 2023 from web
Let's now take a look back to 2011 of a video where sister Lisa congratulates TV star, Eva Longoria!… 12:47 PM Dec 3rd, 2023 from web
Revamp has finished! Woo-hoo! 12:47 PM Dec 3rd, 2023 from web

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