ill see you gamers next month 08:51 PM Sep 20th from web
god i hate having anticipation anxiety. even when good things are happening, i get anxious 09:29 PM Sep 19th from web
ive had enough of my organs. i do not wish to poop ever again 06:53 PM Sep 19th from web
@clubpenguin Yes, bring back Club Penguin Twitter (ie fanbase). That will actually make this site 1000x more nostalgic, because when REAL Twitter looked like this website back in 2009, I was a Club Penguin player running a Club Penguin-related account 12:29 AM Sep 19th from web in reply to clubpenguin
yes bring back club penguin twitter that will actually make this site 1000x more nostalgic because when twitter looked like this i was a club penguin account 11:15 PM Sep 18th from web
maybe one day we will go back to at least some of that. i hope we have at least a customization renaissance. it's such BS how flat & generic things are these days 02:48 AM Sep 18th from web
i miss excessive customization, i miss the internet being mostly free, i miss when it didnt feel essential to be connected online 24/7 02:47 AM Sep 18th from web
sure we have endless content at our disposal, but the creativity & freedom of the old net is gone. the charm is all but dead. everything's locked behind paywalls, things are simplified & monotone, everything's capitalized on 02:45 AM Sep 18th from web
i seriously miss the old internet so much. we can all play pretend with revival websites but the unfortunate fact is that the internet will never be what it once was 02:43 AM Sep 18th from web
i soldered a battery into pokémon gold a while ago that ended up being cold & therefore having the real-time clock work. i resoldered it today & its fixed! :D 01:17 AM Sep 18th from web
i may check in a couple of times but im trying to do a better job staying off of social media during their visit this time around so don't be worried if you don't hear from me!! 08:28 PM Sep 17th from web
so heres some news. my partner is visiting me again this wednesday! they'll be here for 3 weeks, then im going back to denmark with them. so ill be on hiatus September 20th - October 18th 08:27 PM Sep 17th from web
anyone here like pokémon 07:50 PM Sep 17th from web
he will stand there in front of the mirror, watching as his testicles move up to his chin 05:51 PM Sep 17th from web
i think we should punish elon musk by transforming him into peter griffin using some sort of Black Magic. he will wake up one day & begin to transform like an Animorph 05:51 PM Sep 17th from web
i hate seeing people call twitter "X" simply because elon musk does not deserve respect in his miserable decisions 05:49 PM Sep 17th from web
i got food poisoning ^_^ im ok now tho 09:23 PM Sep 16th from web
NOOOOOOOOOOO @efgerter DELETED I LIKED THAT GUY :( 03:20 AM Sep 13th from web
oh nah who deleted 03:19 AM Sep 13th from web