јебани свезкы, зачто мысљу же могу набајати њих од бесєду в интернету? 03:38 PM Sep 24th from mobile
sneed 12:12 AM Sep 24th from web
I love plagal 1st mode, but 3rd is my favorite (for now, plagal 4 is pretty cool too) 12:53 AM Sep 21st from web
time to go sell candles! 03:48 PM Sep 19th from web… @butterflystitch Engineer! Sometimes heavy too, but mostly Engineer 06:39 PM Sep 17th from web
Check this video out -- DELL Windows XP computers… 06:32 AM Sep 17th from web
man alive I miss skeuomorphism in user interfaces! 06:29 AM Sep 17th from web
@butterflystitch haha yeah! I spent the evening and night playing Team Fortress 2 with some friends lol 01:46 AM Sep 16th from web in reply to butterflystitch
Pro tip: don’t stay up until 2 if you have work in the morning 03:06 PM Sep 15th from mobile
currently running out of memory on my computer by running stable diffusion lol 02:01 AM Sep 15th from web
Thank y'all for 30 followers! 12:40 AM Sep 14th from web
Eatan lunch 07:45 PM Sep 13th from mobile
I found a job!! It's retail, but I really do like it 04:20 PM Sep 12th from web
@supervisor happy birthday to her! 04:18 PM Sep 12th from web in reply to supervisor
Добро утро! 03:17 PM Sep 11th from web
Ja ljublju vozduh jesennogo! Legka prohlada, blěsklive barvy listov, jabločny sidr — sut několiko moje omiljene prědmety o jesenji 04:07 PM Sep 9th from web
gm everyone 03:20 PM Sep 8th from web