Im drinking this fucked up orange flavored seltzer water. It tastes how trying to remember the taste of a fig newton would be like 10:38 PM Aug 23rd from web
@gameboy fair point, but it also says at the end “it still perfectly shows what Blips is” I mean, it’s cool thag theres a bigger char limit but it can’t really be perfectly faithful then. 06:57 PM Aug 5th from web in reply to gameboy
Woke up and immediately stubbed my toe. Maybe there is a god but he just thinks it’s funny when we suffer 06:45 PM Aug 5th from web
@PwnageMachine I’m just saying it’s in the about section on the site saying “This site serves as a faithful recreation of Twitter as it appeared in early 2009, originally 2007.” 06:43 PM Aug 5th from web in reply to PwnageMachine
@blips what the fuck man 06:19 PM Aug 5th from web in reply to blips
@vistaaaaa basically becoming unusable on mobile. Spent like the last 5 minutes trying to even login without it redirecting me to some scam website about my iPhone being hacked. 06:15 PM Aug 5th from web in reply to vistaaaaa
Isn’t the point of this supposed to be accurate? 256 characters? Really?? 06:11 PM Aug 5th from web
We’re back now let’s go 04:08 PM Jul 28th from web
back again after like 3 months whats up 04:32 AM Jul 13th from web
this school year is gonna end like next month i really cant wait 07:48 PM Apr 28th from web
I've been incredibly sick recently, it sucks 09:17 PM Mar 5th from web
a lot of stuff have happened since i last logged in 12:56 AM Feb 28th from web
rarrararaaaa i hate TV dinners the alfredo is so bad aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 08:40 PM Jan 8th from web
my cheerios went stale :( anyways my ipod nearly died but i fixed it by dropping it by accident now it works flawlessly wtaf 04:13 PM Jan 8th from web
yesterday was wild i got a boyfriend >:) 06:02 PM Jan 7th from web
I bought an ipod 4th gen, 2 iphone 4s, and a 3gs with my christmas money 03:40 AM Dec 29th from web
i got my simcard working on an iphone 5 running ios 6 06:13 PM Dec 25th from web
merry chistmast 06:13 PM Dec 25th from web
My iPod mini died, so im gonna get a 4th gen monochrome instead, 06:12 PM Dec 17th from web
I think the panel in my second monitor died. 12:07 AM Dec 15th from web