stardust stardust

i keep forgetting to @ people istfg

about 6 hours ago from web

@Marcus Oh yeah, ik. I got a few old macs from the era about 6 hours ago from web in reply to Marcus
@Marcus A whopping $74.62 after sales tax. has a few dead pixels and scuffs, but is in the range for iphone os 1 about 7 hours ago from web in reply to Marcus
i bought an iphone 2g off of ebay about 9 hours ago from web
how is everyone? 06:25 PM June 27, 2022 from web
@sandypantsu EVERYONE ELSE IS A WALKING DISASTER 05:29 PM June 27, 2022 from web in reply to sandypantsu
i got a macbook pro from 2006 05:50 PM June 24, 2022 from web
summer has been really slow for me 12:41 AM June 20, 2022 from web
i made a jabber/xmpp account lol 11:17 PM June 17, 2022 from web
School is almost out!! 10:42 AM June 16, 2022 from mobile
I'm pretty bored rn :/ 03:21 PM June 11, 2022 from web
Im backkk 11:00 PM June 08, 2022 from web
been while since i was here 09:11 PM June 05, 2022 from web
my laptop's hard drive died :( 02:33 PM May 29, 2022 from web
i wanna break shit with a hammer so fucking badly 02:11 PM May 27, 2022 from web
I haven’t been eating that much 08:33 PM May 23, 2022 from mobile
i like how bitview has gone to so shit that VIDLII is a reasonable replacement now 04:09 PM May 22, 2022 from web
time for a sunday where i do my work around the house and not get paid for the third week in a row bc this house could fall apart without me 03:38 PM May 22, 2022 from web
got a lil pride flag 07:07 PM May 20, 2022 from web

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