straightened my hair with keratin 09:14 PM Jul 7th from web
im no longer happy wtf why why cant i just stay happy for a little bit longer being busy drowning out those thoughts in drawing and listening to podcasts 10:42 AM Jul 6th from web
sent the fifth attack since yesterday.. god i cant wait for them to see.. this makes me so happy 08:38 PM Jul 4th from web
@hypermug1 damn.. i have no idea about any of this but sorry to hear that 04:20 PM Jul 4th from web
attacked @xeviant >:))) 10:12 AM Jul 4th from web
this artfight thing makes me actually pretty happy 09:28 AM Jul 4th from web
joined the art fight 04:21 PM Jul 3rd from web
i just want to feel fine, like any normal person.. im so tired of this 12:03 AM Jul 3rd from web
@jojokE im tired before i even get up so it is actually possible 09:11 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to jojokE
i thought my R4 for nintendo ds would arrive today cuz i got an email but it turned out its SUNDAY so the cartridge will arrive tomorrow and i have to wait ANOTHER DAY 07:35 AM Jun 30th from web
@xeviant i thought about tacos today too!! im going to make them next week :3 11:11 PM Jun 29th from web in reply to xeviant
i crocheted a mushroom today 09:38 PM Jun 29th from web
i love pierogi 09:25 PM Jun 28th from web
woke up and wrote two songs 08:49 AM Jun 25th from web
@Sea yea so why are they so hot? 10:32 PM Jun 24th from web in reply to Sea
the hell is up with bald guys 09:24 PM Jun 24th from web
i love being useful 07:24 PM Jun 24th from web
got an aperol spritz 10:54 PM Jun 22nd from web

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