its weird feeling that im getting new followers every minute tonight. are yall bots? lmao 03:16 AM Sep 2nd from web
hoping i dont have work 2nite 06:49 PM Aug 16th from web
Staying up late listening music is such a vibe haha 05:25 AM Aug 9th from web
kamtape seems soo cool!! 04:24 PM Aug 4th from web
i wanna be sedated ugh 06:04 AM Aug 2nd from web
cant sleep, ugh.. 07:11 AM Jul 31st from web
eating wit the family :P 01:37 AM Jul 31st from web
i think i got a stalker... real shit, any advice?.. 10:37 PM Jul 29th from web
morning blips!! 03:19 PM Jul 29th from web
bout to go to bed, ZZZZZZZ.. 08:07 AM Jul 29th from web
bepp bopp 10:35 PM Jul 27th from web
just got chiken nugs!! :ppp 02:24 AM Jul 24th from web
im soooo bored 04:18 PM Jul 19th from web
the ac is busted, I feel like I'm in hell a few years too early lmao 11:51 PM Jul 13th from web
u know something is shit in MINIMUM wage jobs these days when u cant even get a job as a DISHWASHER!!! WTF?? 06:38 PM Jul 8th from web
happpy 4th hoochies 05:14 AM Jul 5th from web
@Vixen80 um im kinda curious on why lol 05:13 AM Jul 5th from web in reply to Vixen80
i hope yoretude comes back better and more stable, a toast to the future! 04:02 PM Jul 3rd from web