there is going to be a massive thunderstorm tonight in my area. I guess i will be without cell service this night 07:46 PM Sep 11th from web
Summer vacation finally started for me!! 08:45 PM Jun 30th from web
going out for dinner. 08:20 PM Jun 24th from web
gotta love being sick while it's warm as summer... 08:31 PM Apr 28th from web
doing homework 10:35 AM Apr 28th from web
just got back from thessaloniki and already miss it :(. 07:54 PM Apr 17th from web
thinking on how to make my room colder 02:06 PM Mar 27th from web
trying to transfer 100gb worth of music on my home server 10:49 PM Mar 13th from web
Over the past weeks I have slept not much more than 3 hours. Can't wait for spring break. Promised myself to go out with friends more often. 04:01 PM Mar 13th from web
@tai7k it's became a habit to me at this point. everybody does it in my country… 04:23 PM Mar 7th from web in reply to KaroshiKazuya
just realized I have this profile since November 2021, yet I recently started using it... 09:27 PM Mar 6th from web
not going to school today. what a relief... 09:32 AM Mar 6th from web
Don't know why, but I feel like it is summer. temperatures are very high in my town lately. It has never been 25 Celsius in February here... 10:48 PM Feb 25th from web
thinking of my tons of overdue assignments... 09:35 PM Feb 25th from web
My head hurts all day. No pharmacys work currently at 9pm for some reason. Trying to find a 24h working one near me... 08:11 PM Feb 23rd from web
Cooked eggs for the first time in a while. Proud of myself. 04:55 PM Feb 21st from web
finally taking a break after almost a month of not being able to use the internet because of school >:( 10:44 PM Feb 15th from web
Feeling tired... 09:31 PM Dec 11th from web
I am sick again. 08:27 PM Oct 8th from web
exhausted 05:05 PM Oct 7th from web