My head hurts all day. No pharmacys work currently at 9pm for some reason. Trying to find a 24h working one near me... 08:11 PM Feb 23rd, 2023 from web
Cooked eggs for the first time in a while. Proud of myself. 04:55 PM Feb 21st, 2023 from web
finally taking a break after almost a month of not being able to use the internet because of school >:( 10:44 PM Feb 15th, 2023 from web
Feeling tired... 09:31 PM Dec 11th, 2022 from web
I am sick again. 08:27 PM Oct 8th, 2022 from web
exhausted 05:05 PM Oct 7th, 2022 from web
@Vixen80 Mine hurts everyday... 09:08 AM Oct 7th, 2022 from web in reply to Vixen80
@jacob couldn't get it working on my phone, but still :( 09:53 PM Oct 5th, 2022 from web in reply to jacob
watching tv. 08:11 PM Oct 5th, 2022 from web
fuck school 10:16 AM Oct 5th, 2022 from web
I didn't go to school today, cuz schools were closed. We had elections yesterday and nobody bothered to tidy up the same day... 10:21 PM Oct 3rd, 2022 from web
Can't believe it's october now! 06:44 PM Oct 1st, 2022 from web
Feeling super tired... 11:18 PM Sep 27th, 2022 from web
September almost has passed. Time files... 08:25 PM Sep 26th, 2022 from web
just got an old camcorder. cant wait to try it out!! 08:44 PM Sep 25th, 2022 from web
@Marcus I'm starting school tomorrow, so im sure i wil get sick... 05:05 PM Sep 14th, 2022 from web in reply to Marcus
YES! YORETUDE FINALLY WORKS FOR ME!! 09:55 PM Sep 5th, 2022 from web
@jr why does it say site not found on my computer, but on my phone everything works fine with the website? 02:07 PM Sep 4th, 2022 from mobile in reply to jr
bliping from the Nokia Lumia 532 01:01 AM Sep 3rd, 2022 from mobile
gulp gulp gulp gulp 06:02 PM Aug 28th, 2022 from mobile

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