luis cruz

I apologize for not uploading videos for 2 weeks, i was not home this week and last week i was completely fucked and drained from school drama/bullshit i promise to upload next week and maybe tomorrow 02:28 AM Sep 24th from web
Давайте Созвонимся! by Виктор Салтыков is epik 12:40 AM Sep 24th from web
Expect stargate type content on bitview! 12:16 PM Sep 21st from web
AH-NU CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE!!! 12:13 PM Sep 21st from web
couldnt upload this weekend sorry guys. 11:07 PM Sep 17th from web
@vistaaaaa DID YOU BUY THE BIRD !?!?!?!?!?!!? 03:25 PM Sep 16th from web in reply to vistaaaaa
stargate is awesome we need more movies and stargate games! 12:57 PM Sep 14th from web
when will bitview have a open api to be able to make custom applications and KODI addons and such 12:55 PM Sep 12th from web
my ma's birthday is today 12:52 PM Sep 12th from web
GUESS WHO IS BACK ON BITVIEW!!!! 03:50 PM Sep 9th from web
went to paris, people are nice, city is nice. only thing i hate is that you have to be cautious for pick pocketers 24/7 and you ave a bunch of people trying to sell you stuff and wont leave you alone even if you say no oh i dont know 1000 GOD DAMN TIMES. 02:15 PM Sep 8th from web
@vistaaaaa Awesome! where are these servers located!?!?! 02:14 PM Sep 8th from web in reply to vistaaaaa
Im coming back to bitview on september the 4th 05:43 PM Sep 2nd from web
@Venus idk why eveyone i mad at elon for ruining twitter. i mean just before elon came everyone wanted twitter to fall, now its happning and people are pissed. 02:36 PM Aug 25th from web in reply to Venus
Yo i got verified lss go!!! 03:27 PM Aug 24th from web
and also should i make a new intro since the one i currently have is unbearable 03:04 PM Aug 23rd from web
i need some content ideas mate im litterally running low, i have a few things gathered. but i all i got is audiosurf, minecraft, and some thing reviews. anyone got something they wanna see me upload??? 02:56 PM Aug 23rd from web
Can we finally swear? Or still not... 12:16 PM Aug 11th from web