Neon T. Flame

@tai7k sounds nice! i dig it 07:58 AM Jun 18th from web in reply to KaroshiKazuya… all salads, entirely plain 07:54 AM Jun 18th from web
tell ya what. rhinitis fucking sucks 03:35 AM Jun 10th from web… this is extremely accurate to the original song wtf 06:31 AM May 13th from web
the zebrahead version of his world is from another plane of existence entirely judging by how hard it slaps 04:30 PM Feb 28th from web
todays quite the lazy day 10:51 PM Feb 21st from web
and by wonders i mean not making it a living hell to implement something. gotta do it the modular way! 06:29 PM Feb 18th from web
quick construct 2 tip: organizing each relevant thing's events in different event sheets does wonders and makes the 'code' nicer to look at 06:28 PM Feb 18th from web
@EKane yea the ps3's initial lineup isnt really all that much. is it like 6 games or smth 04:25 PM Feb 13th from web in reply to EKane
been a while since i last picked up construct 2. might fool around in it make some more prototypes... cool stuff 04:16 PM Feb 13th from web
checked out the altipedia today wondering if any new 'big' yt revival popped up. i think its safe to say the oyc has stagnated quite a lot 06:51 AM Jan 17th from web
the sonic generations trailer theme (kele - tenderoni instrumental ver.) is such a bop i love it… 02:07 PM Dec 31st from web
merry christma!! 06:19 AM Dec 25th from web
welp. at least we still got 2026 and onwards 09:23 PM Dec 9th from web
it is now officially december. how did this year go by so fast 05:09 PM Dec 1st from web
@jacob happy birthday! 05:59 PM Nov 29th from web
havent blipped in a while. hi again! 04:12 AM Nov 28th from web
yuji naka getting arrested is definetely one of the things that happened this year 05:34 PM Nov 18th from web
considering starting rambling in multiple languages on here 03:07 PM Nov 18th from web
the dkcr soundtrack slaps 05:11 PM Nov 15th from web