Didrick Namtvedt

My wifi completely disappeared last night and it's still not back. I really hate when this happens but I guess for now, it's hotspotting from my phone for a day or two until the wifi returns. 08:49 AM Aug 16th from web
Took my little nephew to see the local goats in this mountain village like I was told to do earlier, so now I have eased my conscience and the guilt isn't there anymore :) 04:55 PM Aug 14th from web
I really don't like it when mom imposes tasks on me to do with younger family members, as if she assumes I'm okay with it. Those tasks should come from me organically, not forced upon me. *rant over* 12:47 PM Aug 14th from web
@eli I don't blame you. I am bi and I think he's a very handsome guy indeed! :) 12:49 PM Aug 13th from web in reply to eli
Made it to the cabin and now I'm 1 1/2 glass into some wonderful Aperol before we have meat fondue later. If it hadn't been for work duties on Tuesday next week, I'd easily stay up here longer than three days. 07:35 PM Aug 12th from web
Storm Hans be wrecking havoc all over Scandinavia today. Norwegians, Swedes and Danes had better stay indoors for safety... 12:13 AM Aug 8th from web
Excited to try a new tea from Twinings with flavors of cinnamon, apple and raisin. I'm really on a tea kick these days. 11:57 AM Aug 6th from web
Oh hang on...the character count is updated now. Sweet! Though I did like the challenge of expressing myself cleverly within the previous 140 character limit but an increase is always welcome so I'm not mad about it. :) 06:13 PM Aug 5th from web
Went and saw Meg 2 and let's just say I ended up rooting for the giant prehistoric sharks... 06:11 PM Aug 5th from web
First successful six hour work day for me, if a little monotonous at times but I still came home feeling like I did a good job. 05:50 PM Aug 3rd from web
It's awesome to lose weight to the point where it feels good and my clothes aren't as tight anymore.Gonna try my best to keep this going. 08:55 AM Jul 31st from web
@IsOfRealsDhruv I can spend an hour on it, with intervals switching between slow and fast pace. It helps clear my head if I'm stressed. 10:57 AM Jul 30th from web in reply to IsOfRealsDhruv
@IsOfRealsDhruv I love running on the treadmill, it's one of my favorite equipments I use at my local gym. 12:05 AM Jul 30th from web in reply to IsOfRealsDhruv
@Za1az Yeah, I just read it on the newest BitView blog post. I'm cool with them buying it as long as the site remains existing. 04:46 PM Jul 28th from web in reply to Za1az
Thank goodness Blips is back, my Friday got even better now! :) 04:39 PM Jul 28th from web
@IsOfRealsDhruv Thank you! My ideal birthday would be outside in the sun but we still had a nice celebration indoors with my family :) 11:20 AM Jul 21st from web in reply to IsOfRealsDhruv
So now I'm officially 42, had my birthday yesterday but I honestly wanna flip the number around to say 24 as that's what I feel more like. 08:11 AM Jul 20th from web
It's an all windows open kinda day today. My indoor climate with shut windows is definitely not ideal right now. 08:19 PM Jul 14th from web
Joe Jonas loves Norway...who knew? 12:15 PM Jul 14th from web
Facebook thinks someone named Karen would be a good match for me on their Tinder-like dating service. I'm a little skeptical lmao... 12:58 PM Jul 9th from web