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fergames How nostalgic for this little blue bird, I missed him and apparently the little blue bird logo is back, only here at blips :) 06:33 PM Sep 16th from web
Eric8518 ooh, blips has the blue bird here, cool, hi blippy! 06:23 PM Sep 16th from web
guhadeen the little blue bird is back, very good^^ 04:11 PM Sep 16th from web
rafa The birds back!! 03:34 PM Sep 16th from web
blips Your profiles are about to get a whole lot cooler! Introducing our Background Image Authentication system. Now you can personalize your page while ensuring security. 11:10 PM Aug 11th from web
gameboy i mean think about it. we dont have twitter anymore, do we? we have "X" which is a husk of its former self. this site could be a successful replacement if managed right & given its own time to grow. 06:27 PM Aug 5th from web
gameboy I think people need to get over this being exclusively a Twitter 2009 clone, I think recreating the feel of the time while also adding QoL changes to make the site easier to use is the best option 06:26 PM Aug 5th from web
gameboy can blips maybe not sign me out every 30 minutes 09:40 PM Aug 3rd from web
dswitchfofo ¡Probando ! Está muy chula la versión de móvil :) 05:47 PM Jul 30th from web
dswitchfofo Que guay que BitView haya comprado Blips, el creador lo tenía bastante muerto. Espero que vuelvan a incorporar el apartado de Find People. 05:46 PM Jul 30th from web
supervisor atleast blips has a more original name than X 06:03 PM Jul 28th from web
sus @ItsDidrick This made my day and it's not even 5 am 12:56 PM Jun 11th from web in reply to ItsDidrick
KangRoo @mariteaux Windows Aero: Best thing since sliced bread! 08:21 PM Mar 5th from web in reply to mariteaux
mariteaux @ItsDidrick Aero is so unbelievably hot even to this day. When I upgrade the eMachines Box, I wanna dual-boot Vista on it. 07:42 PM Mar 5th from web in reply to ItsDidrick
Marcus if you use Spotify and ever wondered what songs you listen to the most check out, if you haven't heard of it already 04:31 AM Feb 18th from web
parkeroilar2328 There really should be a twitpic revival called blippic 02:18 AM Dec 29th from web
Marcus happy birthday @ItsDidrick! hope you had a great one! 12:55 AM Jul 20th, 2022 from web
Marcus @ItsDidrick, I actually left Twitter not very long ago and prefer Blips instead. 07:01 PM Jul 14th, 2022 from web
bruhmachine Im gonna attempt to have a public test of backbook out soon 05:20 PM Jul 13th, 2022 from web