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I'm at the ballpark watching a baseball game. It's kind of boring though and my team is losing.

02:27 AM April 30, 2022 from web

The pastor at my cousin's quinceaƱera was saying that lgbtq conversations are a danger to teens. I disagree. What are your thoughts? 10:34 PM April 02, 2022 from web
I have homework to do so I'm doing it on my iPad to seem like I'm being unproductive 05:33 PM March 27, 2022 from web
Blips is not dead. Let's go! 07:10 PM February 28, 2022 from web
Hi. I plan to keep pdfs and archives of blips in case it shuts down soon 02:20 AM January 09, 2022 from web
My Final Post(Maybe): Blips might shut down but I don't want it to. If it's the end, I just wanna say I'll miss you all so much 06:43 AM January 08, 2022 from web
I got back from break but I didn't want to show up to school today. I wanted to stay at home 04:26 PM January 04, 2022 from web
Hi. I logged on from my iPad 3. Yeah, this thing's old. Anyways, I'm gonna go update my digital diary. Bye! 11:11 PM December 12, 2021 from web
So bored. We have to cook with dutch ovens during PE on Friday 07:27 PM December 06, 2021 from web
Hi. I'm gonna take a test soon for AP Human Geography. Wish me luck. Bye Bye! 08:18 PM December 01, 2021 from web
Happy thanksgiving everybody! What are you all grateful for? 04:37 PM November 25, 2021 from web
Hi. I'm going to look at a 2021 Ford Escape for my uncle at a car dealer 1 and 1/2 hours away. How do I not get bored on the way there? 10:38 PM November 23, 2021 from web
My friend is changing his schedule since our computer science teacher is the worst. My parents won't let me change mine. What do you think 04:30 PM November 16, 2021 from web
How do I get 100 subscribers by the end of the year? My YouTube channel is Mercedes Powers and I make videos for fun 02:48 PM November 12, 2021 from web
Hi. My computer science teacher was angry. She gave most of the class tutoring just because they don't code at home. What do you think? Bye 03:50 AM November 11, 2021 from web
Well, I've got a runny nose today. Dad says I might have a head cold. Let's hope I get better. 03:46 AM November 09, 2021 from web
I'm so bored in my geometry class right now. Why does everything at school seem boring or dull? 04:06 PM November 08, 2021 from web
I am going to react to my friend's tik toks because he said my youtube channel is bad. It's not revenge. I just want to do it for fun 07:29 PM November 07, 2021 from web
Hi. I found this link on witter so I'll also be here. I'm on witter and bwitter with the same username. Thanks for reading. Bye! 12:46 AM November 07, 2021 from web

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