Mercedes Powers

@millyishere My mom already agreed to be my chauffeur during college but I also want to get something eco friendly like a scooter to get around nearby places. Overall, I’ve got a decent plan. Trust me 09:04 AM Sep 24th from web in reply to millyishere
@millyishere I went to the Burger King near the old Krispy Kreme. Other BKs are farther and I can’t drive so my parents take me to this one. They're better, though. 10:35 PM Sep 23rd from web in reply to millyishere
I was at Burger King with my mom ordering 2 Classic BK Royal Crispy Wraps. The cashier gave us 1 and the manager got mad when we asked for another one. She was probably just hangry at 1 PM and wanted to eat the other chicken wrap. LOL! 10:10 PM Sep 23rd from web
My bank is switching from regular Visa chip cards to Mastercard tap to pay cards and I’m really excited about that but I want to know the pros and cons of tap to pay cards. Please reply by tagging me 01:04 AM Aug 30th from web
@millyishere I think you should do both. I’m about to start making the new video for bitview right now 11:54 PM Aug 18th from web in reply to millyishere
Like @millyishere said, watch my interview that will soon be on bitview and vidlii on YouTube: 07:16 PM Aug 3rd from web
@Marcus I also get my blips emails in my spam and I use 06:45 AM Aug 1st from web in reply to Marcus
Hey guys! I wrote an OP-ED about clear backpacks. Here’s the link if you want to read it:… 07:51 PM Jul 27th from web
What’s bad about being famous and what’s good about being famous? Let me know in a reply or I probably won’t see it 01:33 AM Jul 1st from web
@Zecnetovk congratulations on 3 followers 01:26 AM Jul 1st from web in reply to Zecnetovk
I bought a Bluetooth keyboard but it needs AAA batteries which is a problem because at some point, the batteries I installed will run out 11:55 PM Jun 30th from web
@S Thanks a lot. I appreciate the advice. He only gets upset because I'm friends with some juniors as a sophomore. 08:59 PM May 23rd from web in reply to S
Idk why but I feel like my friend Jace (fake name) has a crush on me since he gets upset when I talk to my other friends. Got any advice? 08:29 PM May 23rd from web
I finished my STAAR test for English 2 at 11:15 and I just got my phone back. I am very exhausted 09:00 PM Apr 26th from web
@ItsDidrick Are you actually being serious or is it a joke? If it’s a joke, then you’re funny. If not, then it’s just sad 07:49 PM Apr 21st from web in reply to ItsDidrick
@milica that's funny but I feel bad for you 04:38 AM Apr 21st from web
My mom saw me walking out of school with a male friend and told her friend, Assistant Principal L. Now she'll watch me like a hawk >:( 04:24 AM Apr 21st from web
@WebGame2k I know but I still want to let people know that I need people to fill out my form. So if you want to, share it with friends 01:52 AM Apr 15th from web in reply to WebGame2k
You can fill it out twice with fake names if you want to 12:28 AM Apr 15th from web
67 people haven’t filled out my form yet. Please help me get a good grade in Entrepreneurship: 12:27 AM Apr 15th from web