Mercedes Powers

How do I message my crush? I have his instagram but I literally don’t know what to say. PLZ help me 08:09 PM Jun 8th from web
I’m bored. What are all of you up to? 03:29 AM May 27th from web
Does anyone on here have VKontakte or Odnoklassniki? If so, you can add me. The links are on my website 06:22 PM May 7th from mobile
I finally got Python Certified. What a great day :D 11:04 PM Apr 29th from web
Today's the day we take the PCEP-30-02 to get Python Certified. Wish me luck :) 08:56 PM Apr 29th from mobile
After lots of studying and practice, I’m ready to take the PCEP-30-02 on Monday to get Python Certified. Only 5 of us in 8th Period Computer Science 2 qualified so wish us the best of luck 04:58 AM Apr 28th from web
Where should I update my website from now on? Github or CodeHS? 06:10 PM Apr 21st from web
Hi guys! Please subscribe to my friend's YouTube channel. He makes good content :)… 05:15 AM Apr 21st from web
The girl claimed to genuinely love him but he got fired for what he did, we haven’t seen his wife at school (she also works there), everyone’s clowning on the girl through Instagram, and now the school has to apologize to not ruin their rep 04:18 AM Apr 10th from web
I have some crazy gossip to share today but it’s long so I might need to break it up. Basically, my high school’s auto collision teacher got caught in the classroom cheating on his wife with a senior girl 04:15 AM Apr 10th from web
So, I have a lot to update on but first… I got a 1100 on the SAT and my egg drop project from a log time ago was a success 12:37 AM Apr 8th from web
On Valentine's Day, my crush asked about my well-being. A fortune cookie from a family Chinese restaurant said that my dearest wish, which is for my crush to like me, will happen by the month’s end. Maybe that family is full of fortune tellers? 08:36 AM Feb 16th from web
Did you know that I run a website? Now, we have a translate button for convenience. Here's the link if you want to check it out: https://mercedespowers.code… 04:30 AM Feb 13th from web
I'm super bored right now. Might play some PAC-MAN After my grammar quiz for English 3 :) 04:28 AM Feb 10th from mobile
I was in AP Pre-Cal and I solved a math problem in like 2 or 3 steps by using the equation 1+tan^2θ=sec^2θ but without tan and sec being squared and my teacher got mad because I got the same answer as him with improper math 12:19 AM Feb 9th from web
Hey guys! So, I have an egg drop project in my physics class and I need to come up with a design. Does anyone have any ideas? Any suggestions are appreciated 04:24 AM Feb 8th from web
So I'm thinking of posting stuff about CS since it's something I actually enjoy and study. Would that be interesting to see? 02:57 AM Feb 7th from mobile
I'm bored. Does anyone know any fun things to do on the PS3? 04:57 AM Jan 30th from mobile
Hello Blips! What would you think if there was a remake of discord but better than what we already have? 09:01 PM Jan 17th from mobile

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