Emily Suzanne Hall

Lots of stuff has happened. First of all, I moved back home. Second of all, I met up with Alex again after months of long distance due to my family’s temporary move to Portland 08:00 AM May 14th from web
I’m bored and it’s rainy so I can’t go out. Anyone got any tips for me to have fun? 01:43 AM Feb 1st from web
@exclusiveconte2 a bit ambitious but it would definitely make it less of an eyesore 09:13 PM Jan 17th from mobile in reply to exclusiveconte2
@exclusiveconte2 where are you releasing the game? Is it going to be like the reversi game where it was coded in python with the CodeHS sandbox? 07:07 AM Jan 15th from web in reply to exclusiveconte2
Since we seem to be talking about milk. Why is it that some milk is just in a carton as opposed to being in a fridge? 12:52 AM Nov 26th, 2023 from mobile
@exclusiveconte2 Mexico has to win because it’s the only reason I watch soccer anyways 04:28 AM Nov 22nd, 2023 from web in reply to exclusiveconte2
@exclusiveconte2 if you can't drive to the good Burger King restaraunts despite having your learner's license, that's a problem. How will you get around when your license expires? What are you going to do since you can't drive? 08:17 AM Sep 24th, 2023 from web in reply to exclusiveconte2
@exclusiveconte2 which Burger King? I remember the Burger King by Wienerschnitzel wasn’t that bad. I also loved going to the one by the mall 10:14 PM Sep 23rd, 2023 from web in reply to exclusiveconte2
Just got home from school. I am bored. Should I stream a movie or not? Also, should I make a bitview account? 11:44 PM Aug 18th, 2023 from web
Hello. Should I make a bitview account? 07:24 PM Aug 18th, 2023 from web
Watch the tell all interview with Mercedes Powers on her YouTube channel: 06:31 PM Aug 3rd, 2023 from web

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