Nicolás Pérez

@Vances Well I installed Linux Mint on my Windows 8.1 (but now upgraded to Windows 10) computer :v 06:22 PM Jun 28th from mobile in reply to Vances
Nose porque hice esto XD… 02:33 AM Jun 15th from web
First time animating on SFM… 03:12 AM Jun 12th from web
aaa 03:38 AM Jun 10th from web
I had one tooth after another and it can't grow so they had to do me surgery to remove it. Thank God everything went good. 07:38 PM Jun 7th from mobile
Made a video with the annotations feature… 11:44 PM Jun 3rd from web
Merry gaymas 03:53 PM Jun 1st from web
Found a 123guestbook alternative and i made a guestbook there 04:55 AM May 23rd from web
@GSH Debe ser ese tal "DonLimpio", el que dijo que iba a hacer gárgolas con mi s3men 03:50 AM May 8th from web in reply to GSH
Tried Melon's Gallery Maker for my artwork page… 01:03 AM May 8th from web
Just answered some questions of the 100 subs Q&A… 01:47 AM May 5th from web
@lukaszone I waited one month and they still didn't verify me :'v 02:45 AM May 1st from web in reply to lukaszone
Thank god i had a file of the very first version of my website's index… 02:44 AM May 1st from web
I finally reached 100 subs on BitView, and to celebrate it, i made a Q&A!… 11:46 PM Apr 28th from web
"sexo" -Owler's last words before migration 11:06 PM Apr 28th from web
sexo 11:04 PM Apr 28th from web
Owler is migrating their servers rn 11:02 PM Apr 28th from web

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