jacob jacob

@Xwyrick i have so many things that i haven't made yet

01:12 PM May 17, 2022 from mobile in reply to Xwyrick

counter strike source has been loading for two hours 02:06 AM May 14, 2022 from web
tornado activity nearby. how curious 11:50 PM May 06, 2022 from web
just ate a bunch of bread 12:01 AM May 06, 2022 from web
vidlii is taking an absurd amount of time to load. i'm just gonna call it dead 01:26 AM May 05, 2022 from web
six months in Computer Programming to learn what a variable is. i hate this class 02:43 PM April 20, 2022 from mobile
cant wait for lunch 03:21 PM April 04, 2022 from mobile
@DylanCoronaBLIPS there is no one cool to feature 04:15 PM April 03, 2022 from web in reply to bruhmachine
turns out batteries don't make you sick when you eat them, although i am feeling kinda dizzy 05:50 PM April 02, 2022 from web
@amylee rule 4 of terms of service sais no trolling 02:51 PM April 01, 2022 from mobile
crazy nose bleed 02:40 PM March 30, 2022 from mobile
if i was a letter of the alphabet, i think i would be the letter R. it looks cool. 02:46 AM March 30, 2022 from web
@LazyTorch not a mistake, it stands for direct message. 07:56 PM March 29, 2022 from web in reply to Maveric
in the dentist chair, watching the weather channel. i cant feel my gumz 06:24 PM March 28, 2022 from mobile
@DylanCoronaTV fixed. my bad 02:07 AM March 28, 2022 from web
you can tell its a shady neighborhood when there are random clothes in the street 03:35 PM March 27, 2022 from mobile
six days, still waiting to get approved for google adsense (ads wont be annoying, i promise) 01:40 AM March 26, 2022 from web

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