Solvalou Syanide

made a giant kandi cuff that is about half the length of my arm ๐Ÿ˜ญ about 17 hours ago from web
blips can u all pls implement the block feature ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ about 17 hours ago from web
if you dont like someone's post here like.. just ignore it??? ITS LITERALLY NOT THAT HARD BRO. like u wont even get a reaction ur just wasting ur time 12:46 AM May 22nd from web
am i just too sensitive or have there been more people just being rude to people in replies for no reason. it doesnt make you cooler to tell someone to stfu and "get good"; u sound like a 5th grader who learned how to talk back to school bullies. be fr 12:44 AM May 22nd from web
I have a giant chemistry exam tomorrow over a ton of stuff I haven't learned..I'm so screwed. ;0; 04:34 PM May 19th from web
pov that feeling when you know you are going to get sick but you're like "nahhhhh this is allergies yes definitely I am defo not gonna get sick" 03:02 AM May 17th from web
ughhh wish school was over already. 11:59 PM May 16th from web
@Quentin i havent had headphones for the last 6 months bro I'm excited to have a pair again + listen to music not thru my speakers ;_;;; 07:19 PM May 15th from web in reply to Quentin
@Ratts2474 indie earthbound-esque game. however, it deals w rly dark themes such as depression + suicide so its not for everyone. its a rly moving game tho. i don't rly cry much when playing video games but omori made me cry. its rly good imo 04:10 AM May 15th from web in reply to Ratts2474
@koopdawhoop (2) and then the ppl who used to make fun of others before it became popular then act like they know everything and pretend none of their mean comments ever happened + that they were always a fan 03:57 AM May 13th from web in reply to koopdawhoop
@koopdawhoop i dont have anything against them like- discovering a song; it just pisses me off that most of the time Ive known that song longer and liked it and id be made fun of for listening to the song (1) 03:55 AM May 13th from web in reply to koopdawhoop
stumbled across my old roblox acc from like 2018; man i miss when it wasnt as much of a hellhole as it is today 04:43 PM May 12th from web
@alexanderjt he actually reads old english well + knows how 2 pronounce it correctly; hes just doing it for the memes and thats what became the most popular on his channel ๐Ÿ’€ 02:11 AM May 10th from web in reply to alexanderjt
@alexanderjt omg this reminds me of this one yt video ;0; A frogge biรพ a smale beaste wiรพ foure leggys-… 02:47 AM May 9th from web in reply to alexanderjt
mushrooms are scary. 02:44 AM May 9th from web
my eyes feel like lead 05:02 PM May 8th from web
i geniunely dont get people who say "skibidi" and "rizz" unironically 04:44 AM May 7th from web
procreate dreams dont be buggy for 24h challenge: 12:19 AM May 6th from web

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