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Keegan2009 Keegan2009 SEX???? 02:53 AM Nov 23rd from web
palacz_ palacz_ can somebody smash my head into the wall or something 05:49 PM Nov 18th from web
sex sex I am not real. 11:31 AM Nov 18th from web
Marcus Marcus what a great day yesterday, I gave everyone hearing damage by dropping a folded up tumbling mat from six feet in the air in gym class 04:05 AM Nov 8th from web
Marcus Marcus yesterday was my 1 year anniversary on blips! I still love this website from back then and now. 05:23 PM Nov 6th from web
Punchy207 Punchy207 my chem teacher blew up a pumpkin in class today, so now i got damn pumpkin seeds in my backpack 08:58 PM Oct 31st from web
Familyguymadness Familyguymadness i like how Elon Musk spent millions to buy twitter just so people can say the N word 11:17 PM Oct 28th from web
jr jr I did not oversleep today. Give a round of applause. 09:44 AM Oct 18th from web
bruhmachine bruhmachine detention boring as fuckkkkkkk 08:49 PM Oct 4th from web
Punchy207 Punchy207 making compact cars for the chinese market 04:13 AM Sep 25th from web
BlipsSports BlipsSports Hello hello. We are here. We had a power cut. We are now back. Do not worry. 03:19 AM Sep 23rd from web
Marcus Marcus this is my 500th status update. how cool is it to have updated 500 times? i will now spam the letter h. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 05:57 AM Sep 18th from web
Punchy207 Punchy207 then in the next episode that obese pinoy Jack tries to become a black man 08:44 PM Sep 17th from web
jr jr I remov’d that video 11:55 PM Sep 14th from web
bruhmachine bruhmachine oh my oh no what will we ever do great heavens oh no 11:42 PM Sep 14th from web
Marcus Marcus testing from txt 06:03 PM Sep 10th from txt
blips blips new blips layout, it's still a bit rough around the edges. email me if you find any bugs 05:56 PM Sep 10th from web
Marcus Marcus the big bump on our bus route is gone... they dug it up and paved it, can we get an F for our fallen hero, the Big Dipper... 04:08 AM Sep 10th from web
dotcomboom dotcomboom when the @BlipsBowling season is over 🥺 02:38 AM Sep 10th from web
Punchy207 Punchy207 my toilet whistles when i flushed it, so i consulted none other than my father to tallahasee taillight my toilet back to normal 01:33 AM Sep 9th from web