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jacobjacob tornado activity nearby. how curious 11:50 PM May 06, 2022 from web
MarcusMarcus Me and my class will be going on a trip of Cork next week! Cannot wait for that. 02:11 AM May 06, 2022 from mobile
jrjr someones phone on the bus just evaporated 06:38 PM April 29, 2022 from mobile
KangRooKangRoo Posting from my Wii U! 05:37 PM April 24, 2022 from web
MarcusMarcus we have these mini water fountains at every sink at school and if you slam the button it launches water at the ceiling 03:06 AM April 20, 2022 from web
BombdinomiteBombdinomite idk why im here but i am now here 05:13 PM April 19, 2022 from web
ItsDidrickItsDidrick Note to self: Don't go to bed at 2 AM, then stay awake till 3 AM and then wake up from a nightmare at 5 AM and then get up to start th/day. 02:39 PM April 19, 2022 from web
jrjr had a dream there was a hose spraying milk and I put it in a pool 10:25 AM April 19, 2022 from web
MarcusMarcus hit my head on the ceiling of the bus and my bus driver swerved into the ditch 09:13 PM April 18, 2022 from web
MavericMaveric @Marcus THIS IS MY IDEA! not really but it's cool what your have on Xbox 360 Avatar :3 03:53 PM April 17, 2022 from web in reply to Marcus
MavericMaveric is someone online that likes the xbox avatars? :p 09:40 PM April 15, 2022 from web
jrjr 500th update! 06:53 PM April 15, 2022 from mobile
jrjr I updated my profile picture as a reference to my early Blips avatar 05:02 PM April 12, 2022 from web
jacobjacob turns out batteries don't make you sick when you eat them, although i am feeling kinda dizzy 05:50 PM April 02, 2022 from web
MarcusMarcus (2012 post) Great news, I bought the new Nokia Lumia 920! I heard it's a really good flagship phone and it was cheap as well. 07:19 PM March 31, 2022 from web
jrjr hi y'all frm skool 04:11 PM March 31, 2022 from web
blipsblips added direct messaging. try it out:… 02:14 AM March 20, 2022 from web
blipsblips added a gradient to the logo 06:14 PM March 19, 2022 from web
jacobjacob @jrs of course, i have a lot of plans for the site. i'm just a bit burnt out right now. 03:47 PM March 13, 2022 from web
jacobjacob @Igotzz i'm more of a vegas pro kinda guy, but if the edit is super basic i'll just use ffmpeg. 03:34 PM March 12, 2022 from web

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