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A woman came by my aunt and uncle´s house carrying a backpack with a parrot inside it. Now that´s something you don´t see every day.

05:25 PM June 28, 2022 from web

Nachos for dinner at the cabin before we head to eastern Norway and Støtvig Hotel tomorrow :) 05:25 PM June 23, 2022 from web
She finally left...phew! 10:52 AM June 21, 2022 from web
Pollen allergy is kicking my ass today and it makes my Monday miserable although the weather outside is beautiful and sunny. 01:58 PM June 20, 2022 from web
That wins me some extra time to prepare for the inevitable packing chaos that will ensue tomorrow, along with the rain and gloom. 08:27 AM June 20, 2022 from web
Mom decided she wanted to spend the day at home in her garden to take advantage of the sunny weather so she's coming tomorrow instead. 08:24 AM June 20, 2022 from web
She somehow always knows how to extend her stay beyond what I feel is comfortable, she goes completely OCD on the stuff I have here. 06:24 AM June 20, 2022 from web
Stressed out by the fact that mom is coming to my place today to help me pack clothes for our upcoming Oslo trip. Cleaning and tidying now. 06:22 AM June 20, 2022 from web
The sound of money getting vippsed to me is like music to my ears! Vipps is Norway's equivalent to Venmo basically and it's a godsend! :) 03:00 PM June 14, 2022 from web
On the same topic, just learned that the original Jurassic Park triology will return to Netflix in December. Hurrah! :) 10:50 AM June 14, 2022 from web
Quite a disappointment to learn that the entire Jurassic Park/World movie franchise isn't available on Netflix anymore. 10:47 AM June 14, 2022 from web
@bruhmachine I remember Twitpic, I used that a lot on classic Twitter, and the addon Power Twitter as well. Ah, the good old days. 06:39 PM June 09, 2022 from web in reply to bruhmachine
An introvert's worst fear: Total strangers taking a seat next to you when you're trying to enjoy a beer at a bar with an outdoor area. 03:47 PM June 07, 2022 from web
Just used a cringy dinosaur filter on Insta lmao 04:46 PM June 06, 2022 from web
I really like how Vivaldi's URL bar changes color based on the site you're viewing at any given time, very nice eye catching feature. 07:32 AM June 06, 2022 from web
If people are trying to pull you down, be proud about it because it only confirms that you are above them. 04:56 AM June 06, 2022 from web
Actually switching back and forth between Vivaldi and Waterfox rn to see which one I like better. 01:18 PM June 05, 2022 from web
Made a browser switch from Brave to Vivaldi, let's see how this goes. Looks really good so far. 11:53 AM June 05, 2022 from web
I have a feeling my Covid might still be lingering although I should be out of the woods by now. Hit by extreme chronic fatigue lately. 05:54 PM June 04, 2022 from web
Grocery shopping during Pentecost weekend proves to be way more stressful and claustrophobic than I had imagined. 03:33 PM June 04, 2022 from web
Why do I always leave awkwardly long comments under YouTube videos smh... 08:55 AM June 04, 2022 from web

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